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Jane's Glorantha: Sun County: Secret History: Errata

All right, this isn't really "errata" as such. It's things MOB altered that personally I disagree with, and mentions of quibbles other people have made.


Just don't blame me for those, OK? That was MOB. Not me. Jovian's middle initial, his being shot, any mention of Southfork: not my fault.


I have been asked what we had against Belvani: the most open-minded of the Yelmalians and potentially useful as an interface to the PCs. The answer simply that none of us took much interest in him: he's peripheral to the plot we were developing. Personally I'm on Vega's "side", and since Belvani regards her with "contempt", I don't like him. If I came back for a fresh (unbiased) look at the problem, his story is probably the next one to write.


I have Vega playing chess as a hobby. It has been pointed out to me that there is no such game in Glorantha. (In fact I gather chess is mentioned in "Apple Lane", but since that's not so much a Sartarite village as a service station on the Road to Adventure, it may not count as evidence). If this worries you, please substitute some Gloranthan game of similar strategic rather than random content, where the likelihood of analysing every possible move in advance is equally low.