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The Secret History of Sun County: Invictus

Born 1579, into a wealthy family, Invictus never has any real worries about his future career, and can't really imagine anything going seriously wrong for him.

The name "invictus" is a Lunar (Latin) word meaning "unconquered". It's tempting to say that it's actually a nickname, and his real name is something like "Sol". ("Sol Invictus", the unconquered sun, was a RW cult that was very popular around the sixth century as a development of Mithras.) Given the Mithras link, we could then give him a bull-slaying to his credit in earlier years (a Uroxi, perhaps?). The "unconquered" nickname could then have several meanings depending on who's using it: as a genuine compliment, as a comment on his prowess with the ladies (he even manages to bed Vega, after all!), and eventually, "he who is always on the winning side".

Invictus is known to be good friends with Solanthos, who is six years older. Could it be that his real name is also Solanthos: Sol for short? And the extensive use of the nickname is to distinguish them?

Invictus is by far the most straight-forward character in the plot. He's a nice chap. Not very bright, not very understanding, but he does try. His problem is that he wants to be the knight in shining armour who rescues damsels in distress and gets cheered by the peasants. And he prides himself on being tolerant and broad-minded, within reason. Of course, he's been avoiding marriage, as that would clutter up his social life. (And he isn't sure how to handle women: they're all right in bed, but what do you say to them in the morning?)

There have been Lunars around for some years before Moonbroth, and Invictus is happy to demonstrate his open-mindedness by being friends with them. This also puts him in the good books of Varthanis II. After Moonbroth, Invictus is promoted to Light Captain. It is at this point that he notices Vega - the Lunars have been making noises about the position of women in Sun County, and she has also just taken out most of his bodyguard in duels. He doesn't realise that he's been picked as a route to the top. He just sees a pretty girl who (naturally!) thinks he's wonderful, and who is in need of protection from less enlightened men. And for once, it's a woman he can talk to! He gives her promotion, (his bodyguard? the militia unit based at the Sun Dome? both?) discovers what her dowry's like, and eventually proposes. It simply hadn't occurred to him that she didn't want to be rescued from the rigours of military life, but once the idea of a Light Lady was suggested to him, he greeted it with enthusiasm: another opportunity to demonstrate how open-minded and up-to-date he is! And his Lunar friends will love it! What's more, it means Solanthos, who he has admired for years, also gets to marry, and will be his brother-in-law: wonderful!